The Why Behind Dress code


At EDC w believe in setting each and every dancer up for success, and that’s why we have a dress code!


At EDC we have different dress codes for different styles of dance. We want to ensure that our dancers have the right mobility during class and don’t have to worry about loose clothing being on caught on anything. Improper clothing can impact things like technique, ability to grip the floor, visibility, partnering, and overall performance. Wearing the correct attire allows your teacher to give you encouraging and constructive feedback in class! For everyone’s safety, jewelry (except for stud earrings) including watches is not permitted to be worn. 



Dress code increases our dancers’ focus and eliminates unwanted distractions for both our dancers and their teachers. Each dance style’s dress code is chosen carefully to set our dancers up for success. In ballet class for example, wearing a bodysuit, tights, ballet shoes, and having your hair in a bun, ensures that the dancer can come to ballet class and focus on technique, detail, and precision and not worry about hair falling in their face, jewelry, or baggy sweatshirt distractions. We never want to distract from learning and having fun! In hip hop, attire can be more relaxed (no denim please!), and clean indoor sneakers are must in order to maintain the integrity of our state of the art dance flooring.



You know what they say- “look good, feel good, play (or dance) good!” Showing up to class in the correct attire can immensely affect a dancer’s confidence. When a dancer isn’t worried about following trends, or fitting in, they can focus on DANCE!


It is our job to teach body awareness, and we take that job seriously! An important part of dance class is learning about different muscle groups, bones and parts of the body. Wearing the proper attire helps our dancers SEE and better understand their movement, and ultimately their technique. 


Dance is a discipline! We strive to teach our students to respect the art form of dance, themselves, and those around them. We hope to set our dancers up for success in all aspects of their lives- including opportunities like job interviews and other professional opportunities, and we believe it’s important to start that learning now. When a dancer comes to class wearing the correct dress code, it shows that they are putting in the effort. For our younger dancers, following the dress code helps them by creating a routine and teaching them that dance class is a special place that requires a special outfit!



It is important to us that our dance families have an understanding of why we have a dress code in place and why we know it brings value to our dancers. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s dress code, feel free to visit our website here or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re always happy to discuss the requirements and make adjustments when necessary!

For your convenience, Attitude Dance Wear is located within our facility and carries all of our required attire. Please visit their website here.


OUR VISION | At EDC, we’re about more than movement - we endeavour to offer a purposeful community through dance.

OUR MISSION | Through creating in the studio, we strive to elevate and empower our students to achieve in all elements of their lives.

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