Exams will be offered to those students who the teachers feel are ready. The cost of exams, extra classes and mock exams are not included in your monthly fees.

Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet exams)

The RAD is an international examining body committed to improving the standard of ballet technique. Please visit www.radcanada.org and/or www.rad.org.uk for more information.  Exams will be held during the winter session (February-early March).

ADAPT (Jazz and tap exams)

ADAPT is North America’s leading professional dance certification program.  With over 600 ADAPT Certified Graduates teaching at top dance studios around the world, the ADAPT Syllabus touches the lives of some 60,000 children each year across Canada alone.

Acrobatic Arts (Acro exams)

Acrobatic Arts is a professional curriculum for acrobatic dance which promotes technique and progression and is used all over the world. Please visit www.acrobaticarts.ca for more info. Exams will be held in the spring.