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Fees & Policies

EDC Classes


The following fee’s are for the 2018/19 season. At the time of registration the following fees are due and are NON REFUNDABLE once registered: Registration fee ($25 + GST)/dancer – First month’s tuition.

New for 2018/19: A digital copy of our year end recital will be INCLUDED at no extra cost for all full year students!


Recital tickets, photos are not included in registration or tuition fees.
NEW for 2018/19- each family will receive a FREE digital download of our year end recital!!

Full year classes (September – June, participate in Recital)

30 minute class $48/month + GST
45 minute class $60/month + GST
60 minute class $72/month + GST

**For dancers taking multiple classes please see the chart to the right for fees

**Please note that each class receives a minimum of 32 lessons per year (taking into account holidays and studio closures). The fee for these 32 lessons has been split into 10 equal monthly payments, so whether a month has 2 classes or 5 you still pay the same amount. Classes which fall during the week may end up with one or two “courtesy classes” which you are not charged for.

Sessional classes (8 weeks)

30 minute class $120+ GST (no registration fee)
45 minute class $140+ GST (no registration fee)
60 minute class $160+ GST (no registration fee)

**Sessional classes are non-refundable after the first class.

Hours/ Week Fees/ Month & GST
1/2 Hour $48.00
3/4 Hour $60.00
1 Hour $73.00
1 1/4 Hour $87.00
1 1/2 Hour $102.00
1 3/4 Hour $117.00
2 Hour $132.00
2 1/4 Hour $147.00
2 1/2 Hour $162.00
2 3/4 Hour $177.00
3 Hours $192.00
3 1/4 Hour $207.00
3 1/2 Hour $222.00
3 3/4 Hour $237.00
4 Hour $252.00
4 1/4 Hour $267.00
4 1/2 Hour $282.00
4 3/4 Hour $297.00
5 Hour $312.00
5 1/4 Hour $322.00
5 1/2 Hour $332.00
5 3/4 Hour $342.00
6 Hour $352.00
6.25 Hour $362.00
6.5 Hour $372.00
6.75 Hour $382.00
7-15 Hour $392.00


Dancer 1- Regular
Dancer 2- 10% off tuition
Dancer 3- 15% off tuition
Dancer 4- 20% off tuition

*This applies to siblings and parents only. The dancer with the highest fees pays the regular amount. Dancers must be living at the same address and be using the same form of payment in order to receive a discount.


A costume deposit of $75 + GST per class (ages 3-5) and $90 + GST for all other classes will be charged on November 1st and is NON-REFUNDABLE after that date. All recital costumes will be kept within these prices. Competitive costumes may be slightly more expensive and those fees will be due in the spring before costumes are handed out. Sessional classes do not require a costume. Dancers taking two ballet classes will only be charged for one costume. Competitive choreography classes will use the same costume as their technique class i.e.). Ballet 3 and Pre Inter ballet choreo will have the same costume. Costumes will be sent home in the spring.Costume deposits are non refundable.


Fees can be paid monthly, or the full year upfront. Automatic credit card withdrawl (fees will be debited from your credit card on the 1st of each month – there is not an option to pay on a different day). Cash Post Dated Cheque (cheques for the full year must be provided at registration and must be dated for the 1st of the month). Without all cheques (including your costume fees) your spot will not be held.


Please note a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to any returned cheques or payments that cannot be processed and all payments10 days late or more- no exceptions!). Overdue accounts will be subject to a 10% charge of the total balance after 30 days. If an account becomes two months overdue the dancer will not be able to attend their classes and their parents will be called to pick them up.


A full month’s notice of cancellation in writing (or email) is required to withdraw from a full year class. There will be no refunds issued after March 1st as show preparations will be underway. No exceptions will be made. Sessional classes are non-refundable after the first class. The first month’s tuition, plus the registration fee and costume fee are non refundable. Costume fees are non-refundable after November 1st. If the studio needs to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, we will do our best to schedule a make up class if your class allotment falls below the 32 guaranteed classes per season.